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Dawkins Vs Ali...
 June 03 2024 at 12:03 am
""Theological BULLSH*T!" Richard Dawkins Challenges Ayaan Hirsi Ali's New-Found Christianity - YouTube Dawkins centres first on the nonsense of Christianity being obsessed by sin. Ali counters that Christians obsess on love and redemption and renewal and rebirth. As a Christian, I give the first point to Ali. Ali the offers a counter punch against Dawkins and his mockery of Christians. Dawkins goes back to the idea that Christianity believes in nonsense, like resurrection. For Ali, she sees the question of different planes of perception and that believe is a choice. Then she switches to pragmatic reasons for believing Christianity as a moral counterweight to what is happening with Hamas taking the space that Christianity has being exorcised from. Dawkins offers NOTHING in response. The moderator questions Ali about literalism and the general answer that Ali gives is that the story is all. Dawkins counters that Christianity is nonsense, and goes to the idea of creator of universe, and how huge and false that idea is. He rejects Creator as scientific hypothesis End of argument<full stop>> Moderator asks about whether Dawkins is moved emotionally. He says he is. He likes Jesus and music. Ali counters there is no consensus on what consciousness is, and that the full measure of the universe goes beyond strictly the material of Created universe. Ali again goes to the pragmatic, and how it is better to believe in something than nothing. Christianity offers the recipe, the Way to connect and to civilize. Dawkins answer to that is "So what"? Ali, why should atheists, which offers nothing, mock Christianity for offering something. Faith complements science. Dawkins backs down from mockery, but faith doesn't make it true. Ali, It is not the comfort that makes it true, but whether there is something or nothing is unproveable. ....."Theological BULLSH*T!" Richard Dawkins Challenges Ayaan Hirsi Ali's New-Found Christianity - YouTube
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The huge rise of ‘New Age’ weddings in Ireland
 May 16 2024 at 11:07 am
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While the number of Catholic marriages in Ireland is steeply declining, new data released by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) highlights the rise of ceremonies belonging to “other religious denominations”, to use the CSO’s term. Now, you might think this means Muslim ceremonies, or perhaps those that take place in African Pentecostal churches, but these account for only a tiny fraction of the total (see table below). The vast majority of the ceremonies, in fact, really belong under the very broad heading ‘New Age’. They increased from 5.3pc of the total in 2018 to 15.8pc last year, growing from 1,009 to 3,259 in absolute numbers — a three-fold increase in just five years. The ceremonies incorporate elements from many different religions, as a couple choose. They can be extremely eclectic. There is no particular coherence to them in that they don’t come from a systematic religious worldview that can be called ‘Christian’, or Buddhist’, or ‘Muslim’ or ‘Hindu’. This is why the term ‘New Age’ might be most appropriate, even if some who act as the celebrants themselves, or even the couples involved, might resist the label. We use it here for short-hand. To the category “other religious ceremonies” must be added ‘Spiritualist’ ones, which were nonexistent ten years ago and are not included in the “other religious” cohort by the CSO. These now account for 7.9pc of all marriages and also borrow from any and all religions depending on the taste of the couple. This means what can very broadly be termed ‘New Age’ or ‘spiritual’ wedding ceremonies now account for almost a quarter of all weddings in Ireland. The majority of these ceremonies are conducted by brand new organisations, the Spiritualist Union of Ireland being one. Another is ‘Entheos Ireland’, which only registered with the HSE three years ago. According to data provided to the Iona Institute by the CSO, Entheos ministries officiated at 623 marriages in 2023. They currently have 81 solemnisers approved by the State, compared with only five Muslim solemnisers and about 20 from various Orthodox churches. Spiritual groups such as Entheos and One Spirit tailor their religious ceremonies to the preferences of the spouses, presenting themselves as 'inclusive, embracing people of every faith and none,' without referencing any specific deity or belief system unless requested. Entheos says it was founded “to serve people who have been ostracised, marginalised or otherwise left behind by traditional faith paths on the basis of gender, race, sexual orientation, ability, nationality, parental / family status or any other reason.” Another group is ‘One Spirit Interfaith Ministers’. They describe themselves as “ordained interfaith ministers embodying a vibrant and meaningful response to the changing spiritual needs of our times.” They say they are “of service to people of all faiths and none.” There are many other similar groups offering their services to engaged couples including ‘The Earth Spiritualist Tradition’, ‘One Spirit Ireland’, and ‘One World Ministers’. Many of the ‘New Age’ wedding ceremonies involved couples or individuals entering a second or third marriage. Data provided to the Iona Institute by the CSO reveal that the number of first marriages among “other religious” ceremonies is significantly lower than among traditional Christian denominations, likely because these groups also offer ceremonies for divorced individuals, which may partly explain their growing popularity. They are also very popular among same-sex couples. Of the 646 same-sex marriages celebrated in 2023, 145 (22pc) were with “other religion” ceremonies and 70 (11pc) with Spiritualist ones. The rise of non-denominational religious ceremonies is a new trend that reveals the need to mark important events in life with some form of non-institutional religious rituals. Those who feel they do not belong to a religion, often still have religious beliefs of some sort and these new organisations (which charge €600 on average for a wedding) are emerging to satisfy their needs. As for the broader picture, last year there were 20,513 opposite-sex marriages in Ireland, and 646 involving same-sex couples. Of the opposite-sex ones, 86pc were first marriages, a slight decline from 88pc in 2013. Our marriage rate last year was 4.0 per 1,000 adults—one of the lowest rates in Europe and a decrease from 4.5 ten years ago. In other words, fewer people are getting married but the percentage of those who remarried after a divorce has increased. The proportion of marriages conducted through religious ceremonies has obviously decreased, representing 60pc of all marriages last year, down from 70.5pc in 2013. Notably, Catholic marriages have dramatically declined from 62.5pc a decade ago to just 35.3pc in 2023. Among first marriages, 40pc were celebrated in a Catholic church. The face of marriage in Ireland is indeed changing very rapidly and the rise in ‘New Age’ ceremonies reflects the drift away from institutional religion of all types. At the same time, there is still clearly a taste for wedding ceremonies to have religious or ‘spiritual’ trappings of some sort and therefore we are not becoming as secular as some people think. – – – “Other religious” solemnisers
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In Response to The Quantum Mechanics of...
Sandra Long Toups
 May 30 2024 at 12:11 am
(Originally posted July 2021) “If you don’t have a leg to stand on, you can’t put your foot down.” – Robert Altman With all due respect Mr. Herskovitz, because we all have our own thoughts, opinions, points of view and expressions, I found your article repugnant and full of holes like swiss cheese. Therefore, I respectfully disagree with you regarding your views on abortion and the pseudoscience of fetal viability. Every fetus is life and holds the building blocks of humanity as you and I both began our own life. Therefore, a fetus can become a viable source for humanity. Man cannot play God. Atoms meet, join and form molecules forming life/two sex cells unite and form life. Life begins at conception. Almighty God, science, history, and tradition determines that fetus’ are, from conception, both person and human beings, thus firmly supporting an interpretation that the unborn meet the criteria of “person” under the 14th Amendment. The process of two cells uniting developing and replicating the parents is phenomenal. A heartbeat is life. A fetus has a heartbeat at 5 ½ to 6 weeks. Breath is life. A fetus can breathe at ten weeks. Furthermore, in my opinion the truth of the matter is a moral issue and not a cultural issue. By stating abortion to be a cultural issue, further inflames, divides and confuses the issue at hand. Society is conducted by principles of ethics, moral obligation and the rule of law. All that is upheld as morally good and righteous in the world comes from values and a faith in something much bigger than our selves. Perhaps Mr. Herskovitz you are attempting to impose your general viability opinion to justify killing the beginning of human life, the most fundamental fabric of our society. Perhaps you are being a tad naïve and dogmatic not seeing the forest for the trees. At the very least, your article is convoluted like a twisted and mangled ball of yarn and patronizing to pregnant women. You stated, “If you believe the fetus is a person then the mother is not.” So, you are implying that the egg is real but there is no chicken. That is beyond absurd. Basic example: If the mother is X and the fetus is Y, Y is independent of X. The mother is impregnated; therefore, Y exists. The action, experience and purpose already occurred whether X acknowledges Y or not, Y still exists. Trying to formulate a new law from an old case, regarding viability without fully grasping the harmonious existence of creation, nature and God is narrow minded and simply reckless. So, when did we start setting standards for killing babies and how low and far do we set the bar or will there soon be a no- holds- barred for abortion? Your article makes Roe v. Wade seem like child’s play because you are not only advocating abortion, denying the fetus’ mere existence as human but also want to eliminate the fetus because you recognize modern technology/science can allow earlier survival of the fetus outside the womb. Clearly proving our past behaviors predict our future behaviors. Society is engulfed with several lazy but healthy people that refuse to work and are dependent on government assistance, do you kill them? Toddlers are not viable, do you kill them? Majority of the elderly and the handicap are not completely viable, do you kill them? Most cancer patients are not viable, do you kill them? The homeless and extreme impoverished are not completely viable do you kill them? Let us hope your next article does not suggest a purge. Have we become so empty and heartless so morally corrupt to the point of no return? Humanity, nature and all existence are intertwined and we are all dependent on one another. Mr. Herskowitz abortion is murder. Sin is sin. However, in the case of rape and incest, showing empathy is completely rational behavior. Incest and rape are barbaric criminal acts as is murder/abortion. Incest, rape and murder/abortion cause irreversible emotional, sometimes physical, mental, and psychological damage. Society has a duty to support victims of crime and exceptions can be warranted. To dance around or turn a blind eye to the common sense factor is hypocritical and negligent. That said, society compartmentalizes sin or accepts it in small doses and passes laws to minimize the self-destructive behavior of humanity because we are flawed creatures. You are correct in that abortion carry’s grief, pain, guilt and emotional harm. However, I strongly disagree with you that a fetus has no rights because a fetus is human life and all humans have basic rights. Your example to have a surgeon kill the mother’s sister, husband or anyone else in the room is weak and irrational and has no merit. Perhaps, according to your irrational logic, why not kill the father for impregnating the said mother. After all, he is no innocent bystander and is half responsible for creating life. Both the mother and the fetus are independent and dependent of one another as we all are. You mentioned an article from the NY Times and speaking of New York, On January 22, 2019, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law The Reproductive Health Act allowing women to legally obtain an abortion within 24 weeks of the start of a pregnancy – “or at any time when necessary to protect a woman’s life or health.” Cuomo has given permission for mothers to kill their babies. The Democrats passed the act into law because they controlled both legislative houses. The Senate passed it 38-24. In the Assembly, it passed by a 92-47 margin. The Reproductive Health Act had been blocked for years by Republicans when they controlled the State Senate. That bill is an immoral fundamental right. Because of the terms in the Reproductive Health Act are stated as a Fundamental Right, future legislation cannot defund abortion. State legislation cannot deny, restrict or regulate it because abortion is a Fundamental Right. Taxpayers can no longer choose. Furthermore, a medical licensed physician need not be present. So, if Jane Doe wants her boyfriend John Doe to help abort their baby, it is okay. John Doe is not a doctor and most likely will make mistakes and the procedure might not be in a clean sanitary setting. If any one female dies from any abortion complication or infection not performed by a doctor which Cuomo signed into law, he should be held accountable and imprisoned. Children are our most precious beings, a blessed gift from Father God and our future. Isaiah 49:15 “Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you!” Psalm 127:3 “Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward.” We are murdering future doctors, presidents, teachers, scientist, professors, lawyers, court judges, astronauts, policeman, fireman, nurses, farmers, inventors, artist, composers, authors, singers, brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers. Cuomo’s mission statement: “To enhance the economic security of low-income families, assist individuals in accessing benefits and services, and enhance child well-being and reduce child poverty.” One way to reduce child poverty is to protect the life and health of the mother by allowing the mother to abort her baby. Thus, the baby does not become a burden to the state living in poverty. This could be for the child’s own well-being. Not to allow it to live. Save money for the state. Killing babies to improve a state’s budget is unconscionable and reprehensible. So, using New York as an example is not a good idea. Trying to justify this crime of moral turpitude through a baseless “scientific consensus on general viability” is by no means a rational case to not call abortion murder. It is murder. I guess crucifying Jesus Christ was not good enough. Two-thousand years later, you now want to kill both mother and child.
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Top 10 countries to go during the Tribulation
 June 08 2024 at 09:32 am
The Tribulation period is a seven-year period in the future is listed in the Book of Revelation in the Bible as when the Antichrist will rule on Earth. The Tribulation begins after an event that is called the Rapture where true worshipers of Jesus will all be taken from Earth to Heaven in an instant (Rev. Chapter 4, I Thess. 4:13-18). Billions of people will be in utter shock and in disarray after so many people have disappeared that the world will descend into chaos. For those that will still be on Earth at that time, here are a few countries that you can go to in order to maximize your chances of living throughout those seven years because the estimate is that only one out of every three people on the Earth at that time will survive the Tribulation period. 1. Jordan. 2. Syria. These two countries are the only two countries mentioned in the Bible that people are advised to go to during the Tribulation. The advice given is to "flee to the mountains" from Judaea (modern-day Israel) in Matthew 24:15-18. The two mountain ranges adjacent to Israel are located in Jordan and in Syria. 3. Greenland. War has never been experienced within Greenland since it was discovered by Erik the Red in 982. Greenland was forced into WWII when the US occupied it to keep Greenland from being plundered by Germany. Out of all of the chaos that will be going on, nobody is going to attack Greenland. 4. Canada. During the Tribulation, the description of America being destroyed is listed in Revelation Chapter 18. While America is demolished due to natural disasters and due to being bombarded into oblivion, Canada is spared from most of these attacks. 5. Nepal. 6. Bhutan. These two mountainous countries have terrain that will be able to provide protection from most of the morons left on Earth at that time. 7. Mongolia. Mongolia has not experienced war within their borders since 1948. 8. Bolivia. 9. Peru. 10. Chile. Mountainous ranges would give you a buffer zone from the marauding masses. If you are not able to get to one of these countries during this time, then find higher ground within the country you are living in at this time. If you have any theories on any other countries that could be considerably safer, then add it in the comments with concrete reasoning. I will not be like others on this site that will condemn you for making a comment.

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