Episode 156 - The Truth About June 2021

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Truth Quest Podcast Logo  fiber_manual_record  Jul 4th, 2021


The month started out with a bang and never looked back! The book end events were Fauci's emails and Bill Cosby's release from prison. In between we were treated to a whole lot of Trump. First, the exposure of more Trump-related fake news like Hydroxychloroquine, his photo-op at St. John's Church, the Wuhan lab-leak theory and the January 6th trespassing incident at the Capitol. Despite the fact that Trump continues to be proven correct after the fact, Facebook extended his ban for two more years. Then Trump held one of his massive rallies in Ohio.

Along the way, we will discuss Kamala, Hunter, Joe, Putin and Tucker Carlson's predicament with a certain intelligence agency.

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