Episode 155 - The Truth About the Senate Filibuster

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Truth Quest Podcast Logo  fiber_manual_record  Jun 28th, 2021


Due to the overwhelming unpopularity of their agenda, the national Democrats' must look for ways to rig the system in order to push their agenda forward. Threaten to pack the Supreme Court. Open borders; pushing to grant amnesty and voting rights to illegal immigrants. Colluding with big tech to censor dissent. Try to nationalize elections and make vote fraud legal. 

This episode focuses on their their latest tactic to rig the system: abolish the long-standing Senate procedure known as the filibuster.

We will use the words of prominent national Democrats to explain why the filibuster is such an important component of the United States' system of government.

You can decide for yourself if you believe Obama in 2005 or 2020 or Chuck Schumer in 2003 or 2021 or Kamala in 2017 or 2021 or Resident Biden in 2005 or 2021.

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