Episode 146 - The Truth About Biden’s Gun Show Loophole Statement

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Truth Quest Podcast Logo  fiber_manual_record  Apr 13th, 2021


Resident Biden gave a brief address in the Rose Garden in early April, 2021 regarding his Executive Orders on gun control. In that short address, he made at least six clearly false statements or outright lies.

In this episode we focus our attention on one particularly misleading statement about gun show loopholes and use it as a lesson to demonstrate how the Left manipulates their voters and the media through the use of language.

It's the perfect storm! A voter base uninterested in the truth; just searching for bias confirmation. A political party willing to lie and mislead. And a media willing to parrot the narrative.

If you control the language (and the media), you can control the narrative, which explains why the Democrats refuse to debate their policies on their merits.

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