Episode 132 - The Truth About the Great Social Media Purge of 2021

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Truth Quest Podcast Logo  fiber_manual_record  Jan 19th, 2021


With the election over, Big Tech and the national Democrats are moving quickly to purge social media of dissent. In order to do that, they must control the narrative which requires them to behave like good, old-fashioned totalitarians.

In this episode, we examine:

* Soft totalitarianism

* Historical instances of speech censorship

* How we got to this point

* Why this is being done

* The timeline of the purge

* The tactics employed by the Left as they continue the purge of all things non-liberal, non-progressive, non-Democratic Party talking points including fake news and lies, the use of boogie men, lying by omission and Whataboutism

* The coming social credit score system

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