Ep. 73 - The Truth About Trump Derangement Syndrome

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Truth Quest Podcast Logo  fiber_manual_record  Jul 5th, 2020


When I first heard the term "Trump Derangement Syndrome", I thought, "This is nothing new! The opposing party of every President has some level of irrationality associated with it."

I then came across a study that claims Americans are stressed out due to the political climate. They are losing sleep, ruining relationships and feeling mentally and physically sick.

When you combine that study with everything Trump has been put through - the constant media scrutiny (fake news), the baseless Russia collusion investigation, the lop-sided and deceitful impeachment inquiry, the level of vitriol directed at him and the violence directed at his supporters, I have come to the conclusion that this syndrome seems real.

Trump just is not playing the game by the customary rules created by the D.C. establishment and they are not happy with the prospect of an outsider changing the rules. Trump Derangement Syndrome is an epidemic among the D.C. establishment. I love the fact that he has deranged them to the point where they have been flushed out with all of their cards laid on the table.

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