Psychology of Anon Froglords & Emergent Archetypes | ASTRAL

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Scott Mannion   Feb 22nd, 2023


Great chat with thinker & essayist ASTRAL

We talk:

—Psychology of RW twitter anons (frogs)

—Emergence of new archetypes 

—Is Astral's Frog alter ego his TRUE self?

—Telos or Techne? What frames how being manifests?

▬ Contents of this video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

00:00:00 - The Birth of Astral Frog Alter ego: anonymity, the utility, the genius of frog twitter.   

00:06:21 - Psych of anonymity and online alter ego   

00:10:41 - Astral's anon alter ego, knighted by frogtwitter?   

00:17:23 - Anon to meeting in person & future of frogs   

00:27:02 - Anon as ground of possible 'Independent LORDSHIP'   

00:31:28 - Astral's essay: Emergent archetypes and mental illnesses in digital age  

00:45:08 - Russian Archaic clash with modernity   

00:49:09 - Deworlding of ethnic context   

00:51:37 - Postmodern interior turn: Dragon as Our creation AI   

00:56:17 - The BLANK FACE of Digital age: the turning away of Being from man

01:01:46 - New archetypes: emination or emergence?   

01:10:25 - Concretising Epoch archetypes in real time!   

01:14:26 - Telos or Techne? What frames how being appears?   

01:19:36 - Tech promotes and demotes certain archetypes   

01:25:46 - Marshall McLuhan

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