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The Three Iron Laws of Woke Behavior | OnlySubs with James Lindsay, Ep. 103

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New Discourses   Aug 10th, 2022


As I've said over and over again on Twitter and elsewhere, there are what I refer to as "Iron Laws" of Woke behavior. Everyone who follows or pays attention to my work will be fully aware of the most famous of these laws: the Iron Law of Woke Projection, which has been widely discussed. It never misses. There are, in fact, other rules of thumb about Woke Marxist behavior that are so consistent to merit being called "Iron Laws of Woke" behavior as well, though. Namely, there's an Iron Law of Woke Corruption, where you find Woke Marxism, corruption also is present, and an Iron Law of Woke Overreaction, which I previously called the "Woke Flip-out Test." Join me in this latest episode of James Lindsay OnlySubs, my subscribers-only podcast, where I discuss these three guideposts of Woke Marxist behavior.