The Irreproducibility Crisis and the Lehman Crash

  • Feb 07, 2020
  • 07:00 Pacific Time (US & Canada)



Barry Smith, SUNY Distinguished Professor of Philosophy and Julian Park Chair, Philosophy Department, University at Buffalo joins the Independent Institute for a lively discussion on Friday February 7th at 7pm PST.

Multiple initiatives have been launched to address the replication crisis in social sciences and elsewhere. I will summarize their proposed strategies and identify some obstacles to their widespread adoption. Pre-registration is frequently regarded as a silver bullet, but I will show that pre-registration will fail so long as scientists are allowed to use their own terminology to describe the experiments they plan to perform and the data they plan to collect. I will conclude by pointing to an analogous failure in the domain of finance, and describe attempts there to avoid repetition of financial crises such as the Lehman crash."

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