INDEPENDENT OUTLOOK: Exploiting Buffalo’s anguish, Inflation drivers, baby formula flap, NATO expansion, and more

  • May 18, 2022
  • 06:00 Eastern Time (US & Canada)



How can it be that New York State’s gun control laws—some of the toughest in the country—failed to stop a race-crazed killer who unleashed his mania on innocent citizens in Buffalo, NY? Why is baby formula suddenly in short supply? How about galloping inflation? Is the U.S. Treasury Secretary right that Build Back Better’s federal spending surge played only a small part in rising prices? Looking abroad, should Americans be sanguine about NATO expansion to Sweden and Finland, under the general theme of “Serves him right!”? We’ll discuss all this and more on this week's upcoming episode of Independent Outlook.

Join our Executive Director Graham Walker, Ph.D., and Senior Fellow Dr. Williamson Evers (Director of our Center on Educational Excellence) for the next episode of Independent Outlook.


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