EP40: Dr. Drew on Covid, Fauci, Family Law, 'Masked Singing' & the Failings

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Greg Ellis Logo  fiber_manual_record  Nov 9th, 2021


Dr. Drew Pinsky, known nationally as “Dr. Drew,” has been a ubiquitous fixture both on television and radio for the entirety of his multi-faceted career. His work as a doctor of internal medicine/addiction specialist and prolific broadcaster has imbued him with the rare ability to examine any issue through the lenses of practical experience, scientific evidence, and pragmatism. From "Ask Dr. Drew" to "Celebrity Rehab" Dr. Drew's drive to be of service is exemplary.

Dr. Drew discusses Covid and why Dr. Anthony Fauci, whom he considered his 'North Star' and his main inspiration when he started his career, is now starting to bother him. Drew also listens to more of Greg's harrowing journey through the Family Law system and realizes just how easy it is for anyone to be placed on a 51/50 hold, without any evidence, in 2021, and why prisons are full of mentally ill people and psychiatric hospitals are full of people who don't need to be there.

Tune in this Sunday for what should prove to be one of our best episodes yet! 

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