Presuming guilt: surviving a false rape accusation

  • Aug 24, 2021
  • 08:00 Eastern Time (US & Canada)


Bettina will be speaking with New Zealander Peter Joyce, the author of Dry Ice which documents the seven-month ordeal which followed a false allegation of historical rape.


Peter, a retired English teacher, first heard about the allegation when a detective turned up at the door and announced Peter had been accused a rape by a daughter of a friend – whom he had never met. It turned out that she had accused her father of repeatedly and systematically raping her in her childhood and recruiting his friends, including Peter, to do the same.


It was a complex case with many suspects involved and alleged events occurring decades ago. Peter was able to compile evidence that could easily have cleared him, but the police weren’t interested. They were so completely in thrall to the "believe the victim" dogma that they refused to conduct a proper investigation.


Dry Ice is the most extraordinary book, based on Peter’s diary during that time, as he shifts from assuming the case would easily be dismissed to realising the justice system had no interest in his version of events. During this time, Peter acquired extensive knowledge of the issue of false allegations and now hosts a website - – devoted to the topic.


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