Live: Bettina Arndt and Suzanne Venker

  • Dec 07, 2020
  • 05:30 Eastern Time (US & Canada)


Woke women are killing dating and marriage


When marriage coach Suzanne Venker posted an article suggesting women needed to lower their unrealistic expectations of marriage, she was swamped with angry abuse. That didn’t surprise this outspoken woman who has made a name for herself by telling the truth about the poisonous influence of feminism on current relationships.   


Read the recent article she wrote about this issue for The Washington Examiner.


Venker argues that America’s values have shifted dramatically—away from love and family, toward an unhealthy individualism. This is especially true for women, who for decades have been taught to be independent at all costs and to "never depend on a man."


The result is that when women do marry (as most still do), their marriages become mired in conflict. You can't succeed at something you've been groomed to de-prioritize and even resent, Venker suggests.


Bettina is also well aware of how often women’s entitled attitudes and inflated expectations of marriage ruin their chances of finding stable relationships. She once spent five years working as an online dating coach, struggling to persuade her female clients to get real.


Join Bettina and Suzanne in what promises to be a very lively discussion about this intriguing issue. Please post comments or questions in advance so they can respond.

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