Live: Bettina Arndt and Suzanne Venker

  • May 03, 2021
  • 08:00 Eastern Time (US & Canada)



Join Bettina and marriage coach Suzanne Venker as they talk about how dangerous women’s friends can be in undermining their relationships. Friends often contribute to women’s sense of entitlement and inflated expectations regarding the men in their lives, creating instability and destroying new relationships.

Here’s some of the points they will cover:

Dating – friends often tell women that perfectly presentable new dates aren’t good enough for them, that they deserve nothing less than “the best” and not to settle. Or that they don’t need to lose weight because the right man will love them just as they are.

Friends undermine marriages by telling the wives about husbands’ affairs and suggesting they should walk out on unfaithful husbands. Or encouraging destructive acts such as taking out a violence order against a controlling husband.

Divorce is contagious. Unhappy friends will often focus on faults in a woman’s marriage to make themselves feel better.  

Women’s friends can damage men’s own friendships through discouraging contact with mates who don’t meet with the women’s approval.   

There are now websites where women publish information about men they regard as undesirable – spreading poison about men across the internet.  

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