Exposing campus tribunal injustice - A talk with Ashe Schow, a Senior Editor at the Daily Wire

  • Oct 05, 2021
  • 08:00 Eastern Time (US & Canada)


Bettina will be speaking with Ashe Schow, a Senior Editor at the Daily Wire, with bylines at the Federalist and the New York Observer. 


Ashe has long been exposing the falsehoods and misinformation driving the so-called “campus rape crisis” starting with an excellent article debunking the widely-accepted, Obama-administration-promoted figure that one in five women on campus is the victim of rape.


Her many articles on the campus sexual misconduct tribunals have not only exposed flawed and false statistics but also the evisceration of due process for the accused which has led to so many young men being unfairly treated in the college tribunal system.


Bettina and Ashe will discuss the ongoing battle to wind back the Trump administration’s changes to this flawed system and how the courts are dealing with cases of unfair treatment of accused students.

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