Bettina Arndt Live Stream Q&A

  • May 27, 2020
  • 05:50 Pacific Time (US & Canada)


Join me on Wednesday May 27th for a live stream Q&A.

Note to my Australian followers - this is happening Wednesday night, May 27 at 6 pm US Pacific time, which is 11 am EST on Thurs May 28 here in Sydney.

Well, I am finally all set for my next Q&A and hoping to see plenty of interesting queries and comments to keep us all entertained.

It’s been fascinating watching the reaction to Betsy deVos’ Title IX reforms, with the usual suspects in the media bleating about the risks to rape victims of this attempt to restore some due process rights on campuses. But it’s also very encouraging that there has been sensible coverage, applauding these changes as a small step in the right direction. I’m very happy to talk about all this, including what’s happening on Australian campuses. We are currently analyzing responses from our universities to questions about how they are handling this issue  - with some fascinating results.  


I’d love to talk about my recent blog on male suicide. Australia has just decided to pour more funding into tackling the mental health crisis associated with our current Corona lock-down. It is quite extraordinary seeing all the politicians and health bureaucrats talking so earnestly about suicide risks whilst never mentioning the M word. AsI explained in my blog, there’s every reason to fear that the male suicide risk will reach even more frightening levels in the months to come but clearly everyone is determined to ignore this vital factor.


But there’s any number of varied topics I’d also love to chat about, covering my passions over four decades of social commentary. Here’s a few ideas for you:

Flirtation as the new harassment. 

Sexual consent – ‘no’ doesn’t always mean ‘no’. 

The growing power of left-wing women.

Why women lose out in the dating game.   

Single mothers – society’s new heroines

Overnight care of infants and toddlers after divorce

Mum’s boyfriend – the real risk of child sexual abuse. 

The politics of cleavage

Demonisation of men

Marriage isn’t just a piece of paper. 

Fathering children via the internet. 

Why sex means so much to men. 

The golden years – busy women, bored men.


Hope you find something there that inspires you to ask me some interesting questions or send in some insightful comments.  

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