Bettina Arndt and Janice Fiamengo

  • Aug 23, 2020
  • 08:00 Eastern Time (US & Canada)


Join Bettina Arndt and Professor Janice Fiamengo for a discussion this Sunday, August 23rd at 8pm EDT. Please submit your questions in advance.

Janice Fiamengo calls out Kamala Harris for sexual exploitation.

Bettina’s live chat this week is with Canadian men’s rights activist Janice Fiamengo who has been speaking out about  Joe Biden’s newly announced Vice-President running mate, Kamala Harris. Fiamengo describes Harris as an “an identity politics ideologue” - the perfect match for Biden.

Fiamengo points out Biden was architect of the Violence Against Women Act, a man who has “done more than any other politician to destroy due process protections for accused men.”

But Kamala Harris has also been in the thick of all the recent identity politics issues, a proud feminist who proclaimed she’s never met a #MeToo survivor she didn’t believe, including those women who claimed to have been inappropriately touched by Jo Biden!

Fiamengo also reveals an intriguing aspect of Harris’ personal history. When she was in her late twenties the newly graduated litigator had an affair with the then Democrat House Speaker for the Californian State Assembly, Willie Brown. During the two years the two were in a relationship, Brown appointed Harris to two high-profile, well-paid government positions – jobs she was unlikely to have achieved on her own merits. 

Fiamengo calls this out as “sexual exploitation,”  describing as the “female side of sexual harassment” this process of a woman using her sexual power to extort political or other favours from a man.

“The question is if men are to be condemned for exploiting their power for sexual access supposedly because it hurts all women and warps workplace cultures, then why are women held guiltless when they exploit their sexual power for political and other access? Do their actions not also corrupt workplace cultures breeding favouritism, resentment, mistrust, apathy and rancour?”

Bettina believes Janice is absolutely right in raising this issue but is well aware that very few people would dare discuss it in public. She’s delighted to have Janice on thinkspot this week and they will be happy to answer your queries if you would like to send in comments.

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