Free Speech Statement

At thinkspot, we believe that the life-blood of democracy is ensconced foremost in ideas and the uninhibited articulation of thought. The innate human affinity for inquiry, reflection, and opinion is fundamental to the continued development of our society’s collective intellect, yet history has shown that these qualities are often vulnerable to the caprice and groupthink of the zeitgeist. Thus, while ideas intrinsically are essential to our existence, it is the context with which they exercise influence that holds equal if not greater significance. It is our team’s conviction that without fertile ground for free expression, ideas lose their place at the frontlines of our fight to maintain freedom, where skepticism and debate help to sharpen the blade of progress as we put our most crucial assertions to the test.

By providing a platform that promotes and incentivizes respectful discourse, we seek to develop a niche online community that encourages the discovery of interesting and informed viewpoints, while inciting participants to challenge their own assumptions and beliefs. thinkspot, our mission is to nourish this spirit, and the intellectual and creative soul of an internet that thrives on the freedom to engage in thorough and thought provoking discourse. We will provide the resources and tools to resist any infringement upon the values that govern this freedom - an axiom expressed in codified law as produced by democratic consensus.

The ethos of the thinkspot mission derives from a deep reverence for the First Amendment, and the platform’s Terms of Use and company policy reflect this. We believe in the power of competing ideas, and the imperative of an open and transparent space to facilitate civic discourse without pressures from mainstream media, arbitrary corporate terms of service, special interest groups, and advertisers. From launch, thinkspot will advocate for these principles by protecting speech that falls within the protection of the First Amendment and by refusing to give into outside pressures that seek to limit free speech. We prioritize and promote fair representation across the entire ideological spectrum, and seek to foster an environment that can help to transcend ideological fault lines.

This is thinkspot. Ideas live here.