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I'm the author of a good many projects, but my main focus is currently an episodic story called The Philozopher that can be found on Amazon. Or if you'd like to read it for free, you can do so from my website. I've also released a children's book called Boy Girl Monster that centers around self-improvement and dealing with jealousy. The digital version can be purchased from my website or Amazon. The physical version is available at Barnes & Noble.

I'm also an editor in the world of video game localization, which I suppose makes me very fortunate. I love both gaming and writing, and I get paid to dwell in an environment that encourages these passions every week. I'm also a metalhead, a metalhead who loves reading a ton of nonfiction but who would rather write fiction. Yes, writer, gamer, and metalhead—I think those are the major qualifiers that should properly limit your understanding of me.

I tend to create content that's either dark or comedic (or very often both), though I find I'm hesitant to use the word "dark" here. I write about topics I find interesting, though it can challenge others and at times and make them uncomfortable, and so I'm told it's dark. Though one definition of "dark" under Merriam-Webster reads "possessing depth and richness," so maybe that's accurate after all. At least I hope so.

I also run a seldom-updated site dedicated to video game satire and heavy metal (www.ragdollfarcists.com). Very niche, I know. Please don't check it out.

Last seen: February 20th 2022
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