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French filmmaker Robert Bresson warned in 1983, “Right now, cinema isn’t an art. If it continues as it is now, it never will be.” He declared that cinema must become, “[. . .] something extraordinary in itself [. . .]”

In lieu of the depravity and decadence of Hollywood, founder Will Jacobs saw potential for a subversive independent film industry in the Midwest. “There is the expression that a poet must not avert his eyes from the world, but facing the unprecedented ugliness of modernity is no easy task. It is my great objective to initiate a spiritual renascence in cinema—to bring forth films of Beauty, Goodness, and Truth.”

Mourning Dove Films seeks to revive cinema as a true art form and return to a perennial way of storytelling that edifies, consoles, and admonishes the soul.

Last seen: May 22nd 2023

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