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I’m an entrepreneur and angel investor. I've started about 20 companies, of which 17 have failed. I've gone broke and back many tmes. I've written 21 books. 

 I’m the author of the Wall Street Journal best-selling book “Choose Yourself.” And I'm a US-ranked chess master. 

If you’ve ever been stuck—in a job you hate, in a house you can’t afford, in a life you don’t want, in your own depressed mind, anything— I want to help you.

Why? Because I’ve been there. And I want to tell you how I freed myself so maybe you can start to free yourself, too. Life is a joke. The setup is the life we have lived, the punchline is the way we help people. 

I love what I do. I get to write books that mean something to me, and I get to share my thoughts on this blog. I get to interview really incredible people on my top-10 rated podcast, “The James Altucher Show.” I contribute articles to sites like The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo! Finance, and Business Insider.

And it’s all in pursuit of my greatest mission: to help other people choose themselves, too.

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