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Holding Space Films is a boutique production company based in Toronto, founded by director, editor and cinematographer, Patricia Marcoccia in 2017. With a focus on documentary films, we grapple with difficult, socially relevant topics that challenge stale thinking and promote meaningful conversations through timeless human stories. 

The company's name derives from the concept of "holding space," which is central to its filmmaking process. To hold space for someone is to metaphorically walk with them amidst their experience using genuine presence and deep listening to enable authenticity to emerge. This provides building blocks for the most powerful and honest documentary films.

Its first film, SHUT HIM DOWN: The Rise of Jordan Peterson (44 mins), was released on Canadian television in late 2018, topping the CBC Docs POV charts and receiving two Golden Sheaf Award nominations. A longer feature length version of the film premiered in fall 2019 and toured North America, topping the iTunes charts in the U.S. and Canada.

Building on this success, Holding Space Films strives to continue producing thoughtful and thought-provoking content that transcends ideological agendas through honest human stories.

Last seen: June 18th 2021

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