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Just a soul born into America's cradle of chaos. Spending most of my life searching for myself until the day it all became very apparent. Having a predisposition to love the complexities of life. It wasn't until the sudden changes my psyche had endured that I learned from the social repercussions to changing when people have particular idea's of you. It's been a long road that I hope doesn't end too soon. Life is beautiful and I've seen first hand what taints our ability to see such a simple fact.

There's a lot more where this comes from hence my current endeavor in life; to write and publish my first book. Mostly in regard to the psychological truth of Aspergers/ASD as well as human nature itself. It's a very complex subject of which I hope gives many the simple insight they may need to live a life of meaning and purpose. Away from the unnecessary pain or chaos this world doesn't warn us about.

Last seen: May 19th 2022

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