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Emmy and Annie Award® nominated actor, director and published author with an international career that spans stage, screen, television, voice-over and the recording arts.

Film credits include Pirates of the Caribbean 1, 3 and 4, Titanic, Star Trek, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and Beowulf. TV credits include 24, The X-Files, CSI, Dexter, NCIS, Hawaii Five-O, and many more. Voice over credits include blockbuster movies, classic cartoons, and over 100 video game titles.

Under his production company banner Monkey Toes, Greg has written and directed projects for Kiefer Sutherland and Stephen Fry and produced and directed multiple commercials. He’s also the host of the podcasts, ‘The Voices in My Head,'  ‘Quillette Narrated' and 'The Respondent.'

He’s a published author of two books under his pen name Jonny Rees - a book of poetry called ‘The Knewledge,’ and a pocket oracle of philosophical quotes entitled ‘NoThing In Between.’

Greg works with the Global Wellness Institute and studies human motivation with a co-founder of The Tomkins Institute. In turn, he offers Alive Coaching - private bespoke classes and mentoring for existing and aspiring artists to improve their relationships with their loved ones and elevate their career in the arts. His coaching combines his experiences with his passion for for phenomenological based learning.

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